We are looking for talented individuals who will grow into leaders in the global market with WONTAE.


WONTAE makes dreams in various fields.

WONTAE has a variety of job configurations to meet the needs of the domestic and global markets.

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    Management Support

    Responsible for overall management tasks such as financial accounting, personnel affairs, and asset supplies.

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    Oversea Sales

    Responsible for managing existing customers and discovering new customers, responding effectively to customers’ RFQs and other needs, and providing new solutions to satisfy customers.

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    Responsible for reviewing drawings and designing molds, improving the production of high-quality products, and introducing new facilities, and striving to secure core technologies.

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    The production department is responsible for all production process such as casting, processing and grinding and strives to ensure excellent and uniform quality.

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    Manufacture and maintain molds designed by the R&D center.

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    Quality control standards are established for each product, and the physical properties of the product are measured and managed according to the standards.

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    Production Management

    Establish and manage production processes and production plans.

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    Property & Facility Management

    Maintenance is carried out to preserve facility equipment.

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    Industrial Safety

    We utilize 3R5S to achieve the safer work environment.

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