We are looking for talented individuals who will grow into leaders in the global market with WONTAE.


The hiring process of WONTAE,
who values people, is different.

Check out WONTAE’s hiring process.

Hiring Process

  1. Job Application
    Job Application
  2. Document Review and Phone Interview
    Document Review and Phone Interview
  3. 1st Interview
    1st Interview
  4. 2nd Interview with Executives
    2nd Interview with Executives
  5. Health Examination
    Health Examination
  6. Recruitment

Details of Progress Steps

  1. 01

    Job Application

    • WONTAE is receiving applications online via our website or employment-related website. Please check the details about the job on our website before application.
  2. 02

    Document Review and Phone Interview

    • Based on the job application, the applicant will be comprehensively reviewed by qualification/skills/career and passion/mindfulness/attitude, etc.
  3. 03

    1st Interview

    • Passion, strategic thinking capabilities, practical capabilities, etc. to perform the job will be reviewed.
    • Interviews are conducted with several interviewers and applicants.
  4. 04

    2nd Interview with Executives

    • Evaluation will be conducted in-depth/multiple ways to decide whether the applicant is suitable for WONTE’s core value and talent, focusing on the applicant’s personality.
  5. 05

    Health Examination

    • Only those who have passed the interview will go through health examination.
  6. 06


    • Applicants who pass all the hiring process will be hired as a new employee of WONTAE.

Depending on the job, process may be added/excluded, and detailed information will be provided for each applicant.

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